Yoga Classes

All participants will need to fill out a yoga waiver before attending class. You can find it in the office (Monday-Friday), or by clicking here. And, while we do accept drop in participants, we'd love if you'd use our sign up to let us know when you plan to come.

Yoga Minyan at Beth Meyer

Beth Meyer offers monthly Shabbat morning yoga in our new Lounge* as a great addition to our Shabbat spiritual practice. The program begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends by 10:15 a.m. Participants are encouraged to come as they are for our Torah Service and Musaf that follow immediately in the sanctuary. Props and mats are provided - but you may bring your own mat if you prefer. This is a mat-based yoga practice, with guidance and options for all levels. 

Childcare is available with advance notice. Contact the synagogue office by Wednesday prior if needed.

Oct 13 Phyllis Kritz TRUTH
Nov 10 Dr. Barbara Vosk COURAGE
Dec 15 Phyllis Kritz HUMILITY
Jan 12 Dr. Barbara Vosk ORDER
Feb 9 Phyllis Kritz NON-JUDGEMENT
Mar 16 Dr. Barbara Vosk ZEAL
Apr 13 Phyllis Kritz GENEROUSITY
Jun 1 Dr. Barbara Vosk EQUANIMITY










Restorative Yoga
Join Rabbi Jenny Solomon and Dr. Barbara Vosk for a healing yoga practice. Each session will include chanting and meditation led by Rabbi Jenny and a gentle, restorative yoga practice led by Barbara.

In restorative yoga, you will rest in stillness with the body supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. This quiet and rejuvenating practice helps melt away tension in the body and is healing for those coping with emotional or physical illnesses/injuries, fatigue, grief, and stress. It is appropriate for everyone; no previous yoga experience is required. This is a class of embodied spiritual practice in which participants are invited to "fill their cups" with wholeness and peace.

Classes meet on Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Lounge*.   Props are provided, but please bring a mat if you have one.  RSVP on a sign-up genius is requested, though not required.







While there is no fee for this class, we welcome any contribution you would like to make to support the continuation of this program. Click here for a contribution link.

Our Teachers:

Phyllis Kritz is a certified yoga instructor, pursuing her passion of weaving together yoga & Jewish spirituality.   She teaches multiple classes a week out of her home studio, Neshamah Yoga. 

Barbara Vosk has been an active yoga practitioner for over 10 years. She completed the 285 hour yoga teacher training program at Blue Lotus Yoga and Movement Arts studio in 2011 and enjoys teaching gentle and restorative yoga. She views yoga as a way to open body, mind and spirit in support of physical and emotional health.

*The Lounge is on the lower level of the main building.  If stairs are a problem for you, please contact the office so that we can arrange for you to use the elevator.