Sunday Brunch Series

Sunday morning is a perfect time to come together and learn...and eat!   

Join us for a nosh and a program at our Sunday Morning Brunch Series, from 10:00AM to noon.  Reservations are requested and there is a savings if you sign up for all five. The registration form for the series is at the back of the Adult Education booklet, and is also available on-line. There will be reminders during the year to register for individual brunches (closer to their occurrence.) Watch for announcements in the HaMaggid and the weekly email.

Cost:  $12 per brunch, $45 for the series of brunches (non-member $15 per brunch, $60 for the series)

Sunday, Oct 14 NC Candidates Forum - with Brad Johansen of WRAL News as moderator Register
Sunday, Nov 11 Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels - Global Day of Jewish Learning Register
Sunday, Mar 3
How People’s World Views Shape Their Voting, Impact Voting Patterns, and Explain America’s Great Divide - with Jonathan Weiler, UNC, Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Register
Sunday, Jan 13 Jan Karski’s Mission to Stop the Holocaust - with Wanda Urbanska, former President of the Jan Karski Educational Foundation Register
Sunday, Feb 10 Listening to Jerusalem: Music, Sound, Politics - with Michael Figueroa, UNC, Associate Director of Carolina Center for Jewish Studies Register