We Are Sisterhood

Sisterhood brings together women of all ages and backgrounds to share in fun, exciting, and spiritually-inspired events. Through Sisterhood, you will connect with fellow Sisterhood members in friendship and within your Jewish community.  By becoming a member of Sisterhood, our hope is that you continue to grow in leadership roles and in your understanding and enjoyment of Judaism. Beth Meyer Sisterhood's long-standing traditions have played a vital role in the life of the Beth Meyer community. Our mission is “to promote the religious and cultural aspects of Jewish living for our synagogue’s women and youth.”

Sisterhood is continually looking for ways to engage women in all stages of their lives. When you join Sisterhood , you are joining a community of women who support each other, celebrate each other, grow with each other, and reach out to enrich the lives of others.  

Click here for a calendar of events for the 2018-2019 programming year.

Ways to connect:
Contact Sisterhood at
Click here to donate to the Sisterhood Fund, or here to pay your 2018-2019 dues on-line. If you would like to mail a check, click here for a copy of a Membership Profile form.