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Welcome to Beth Meyer

Shabbat Dinner with Anat Hoffman- Friday, March 4th@7:00PM

Beth Meyer is honored to host Anat Hoffman, director and founding member of Neshot HaKotel, Women of the Wall.  Ms. Hoffman will speak during dessert and there will be plenty of time for questions.  All are invited to join us for the interesting evening.

Reservations are required for the dinner, and are available on-line. Proceeds will go to offset costs and to support the efforts of WOW.  This event is open to the public and space is limited. Co-sponsored by Beth Meyer, Beth Shalom and Yavneh.
$25 for adults, $15 for students.

About Us

“The world rests on three things:  Torah, Prayer, and Acts of Lovingkindness.”  - Pirke Avot.  Beth Meyer Synagogue is a holy community rooted in these sacred principles---

  • Torah: We study the Torah to refine our souls and become more moral human beings.
  • Avodah: We pray with heartfelt intention and seek ever greater ways to connect with God.
  • Gemilut Hasadim: We care for each other in times of need and celebrate with each other in times of joy. We act to make the world a better place---here in Raleigh, in America, in Israel, and throughout the world.


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