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Welcome to Beth Meyer

Our neighbors just south of the border are under water, literally. Jews and non-Jews in South Carolina have lost their homes, their communities, and their livelihoods. Beth Meyer, in the spirit of Tikkun Olam, has reached out to shuls and Jewish Family Services in striken areas to see how we can help.  There are things we can do now and possibly in the future. At the request of Jewish Family Services in Columbia, South Carolina, please:

Bring toiletries and diapers and place them in the lobby bins at Beth Meyer

Donate Lowes grocery store or Walmart gift cards and place them in the box beside the bins

Donate to Nechama, the Jewish Response to Disaster, they are already helping. Donate on line, by phone 763-732-0610, or send donation to                                          
4330 Cedar Lake Rd S
St Louis Park, MN 55416

Let us know if you would be willing to volunteer on the ground in Columbia, SC.  We are exploring options, please email Roberta so we can keep you informed


High Holy Days/Beth Meyer Community Survey - We Want Your Feedback!  

The Beth Meyer Synagogue staff would appreciate you taking approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete a survey
regarding all things related to the High Holy Days, including services, events and facilities. 
In addition, we are asking for your feedback on several general questions regarding Beth Meyer community involvement. 
Your feedback will help guide us in making changes and improvements.
Follow this link to participate.

About Us

“The world rests on three things:  Torah, Prayer, and Acts of Lovingkindness.”  - Pirke Avot.  Beth Meyer Synagogue is a holy community rooted in these sacred principles---

  • Torah: We study the Torah to refine our souls and become more moral human beings.
  • Avodah: We pray with heartfelt intention and seek ever greater ways to connect with God.
  • Gemilut Hasadim: We care for each other in times of need and celebrate with each other in times of joy. We act to make the world a better place---here in Raleigh, in America, in Israel, and throughout the world.


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